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Jann W. Martin’s Christian children’s books explore the Bible in a new and exciting way – through the eyes of a child…
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Featured Book: This Babe So Small

This eyewitness account of the nativity, told by seven-year-old Joanna, the daughter of the innkeeper in whose stable Christ is born, gives new depth and meaning to the world’s greatest miracle. Joanna watches for signs that the prophecy of Emmanuel’s coming is about to be fulfilled in her town of Bethlehem. When a babe is born in the inn’s stable, it is Joanna’s faith that tells her the tiny fingers wrapped around hers belong to the hand of God…

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New Books Availible

Elk Lake Publishing
Elk Lake Publishing has just released Bible Characters Through the Ages Book One Adam in the Garden and Meeting Eve.

Bible Characters Through The Ages: Adam In The Garden
Daniel and Sarah use “Yahweh’s Express” (a refrigerator box turned into a time travel machine), to travel back in time to meet the characters of the Bible. Being kids they tend to like to explore on their own a bit.Here is part of the manuscript where Daniel and Sarah meet Adam: They ran over to where Adam was working on a space in the garden. He was startled when he saw them. “Who are you?” Adam said. “I thought I was the only human here in the Garden of Eden.”

Now available:

  • Bible Characters Through The Ages: Meeting Eve
  • Bible Characters Through the Ages Book Three: Watching David and Goliath.
  • Bible Characters Through the Ages Book Four: The Amazing Esther
  • Bible Characters Through the Ages Book Five: Isaac’s Family
  • Bible Characters Through the Ages Book Six: Jacob’s Journey

Bible Stories Through Time: Watching Cresation

Jocelyn, Teague, Kenzie, and Aubree get together for sleepovers once a month. They sometimes talk about the stories they study in Sunday School. One night they held hands and prayed, asking God to show them what earth looked like when it was born. Read their stories and see what mischief they get into.

Award winning: The First Easter:

Michael meets Jesus as he brings the children to Him at Lake Capernum. The story goes through Holy Week and ends on Easter.

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