The Church

You claim to be rich and successful and to have everything you need. But you don’t know how bad off you are. You are pitiful, poor, blind, and naked. Re 3:17


In this verse Jesus is talking about the church. Many churches claim to be rich and to have everything that they need. They reach out to the community and do good things. Unfortunately they don’t always see what is happening within their own church community.


I have experienced being afraid with an upcoming back surgery a few years ago. I spoke to one of the pastors. He was to follow up and call my husband to see how I was after the surgery. Neither of us ever heard from him at all.


I wonder how many people have fallen through the cracks, especially in big churches. In the very large churches you literally can attend worship, leave, and no one will know you were there. If you don’t want to be noticed I guess this is okay. If you are looking for a place of worship, support, and a place to spiritually connect you need to find a church where you feel at home. It can be a mega church if you connect with some smaller groups. Some smaller churches are friendlier and more in tune with their parishioners.


No matter the size of the church it needs to focus on Jesus. They need to focus on the people, their needs physically, emotionally and spiritually. Jesus is trying to tell those He is talking to not be blinded by things, but to focus on the true meaning of being a church. The church is the people and their needs, not a building, the decorations, and the appearance of being holy. I pray that you can find a church that you feel is like family for you.



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Miracles Still Happen


Our LORD, I will remember the things you have done, your miracles of long ago.

Have you seen miracles?

I have:

  • Holding my children and grandchildren for the first time.
  • The first rays of sun in the morning
  • Winter’s first snow flakes

Have you prayers been answered?

Mine have:


  • Safe travels for loved ones
  • Healing for family and friends
  • Release from pain

Just before my mother died I prayed, “Please release her from her living hell.”

I so badly wanted her to be able to hold the baby I was carrying, but I didn’t want her suffering to continue until the baby was born. I truly feel that my prayer gave me the strength to let her go. God knew I was ready, and that I could move forward.

The miracles we see and the answers to prayer are very similar to those of times long ago. I believe our technology has changed, but when it gets right down to it we are the same in our feelings as Adam and Eve.

What are miracles you have seen around you?


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The Way. The Truth. The Life

Jesus told him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me.

The Way

  • To save our life we need to follow Jesus
  • He is the example of caring for others
  • He gave us directions to reach out and share His love

The Truth

  • He told the people that He was sent by God
  • He used the Torah to teach the words of the prophecy
  • He accepted the death on the cross to take away all of the sins of the world

The Life

  • With His death on the cross we can have eternal life
  • We will go to heaven with new healthy body

Most important we will be in the presence of God to worship and adore Him, if we accept what Jesus came to offer us.









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