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Tell Me What You Think

This week I am asking for you to help me with my blog. My publisher Elk Lake Publishing, looks at the responses I get to my blog. If people, make comments and share them on my blog my numbers of interest go up. They also look at Facebook, for comments, likes, and how many times […]

A Look at a Writer’s Conference

FCWC2016 stands for Florida Christian Writer’s Conference 2016. We meet at Lake Yale Baptist Conference Center in Leesburg Florida. On Wednesday February 24, it all began with registration at 1:30 pm. Two workshops were offered in the afternoon. Then it was on to dinner, and a meet and greet with a Sock Hop as our […]

Florida Christian Writer’s Conference 2016

Feb. 24 – 28. 2016 I’m taking a week off to prepare for an awesome conference. This is a conference of mostly Christian writers, agents, editors and publishers. We come together to share what god has put on our hearts and help each other in our careers. I’ll let you know next week what I […]

Bible Characters Through the Ages

Thank You God, for this blessing. It’s still hard for me to believe that He has me as a published author. This isn’t something I ever even thought of doing. I am having the time of my life doing it though. While writing, I learn more about the characters. When talking with the children and […]

Ash Wednesday

This week we begin Lent. In the past I have given up something, like dessert, chocolate, and snacks. Other times I have tried to add something to my daily routine, like more prayer, or reading more in the Bible. This year, I think I will try to be better focused on what God wants me […]

Making Time for God

This shouldn’t be so difficult, but it is. It’s easier now for me, but as a young wife and mom, the day seemed like it was over before it began. Make sure everyone was up and ready Get breakfast on the table Check backpacks for homework Errands for the day Make dinner Dance class Bath […]

Still Waiting!!!

Our youngest daughter and I are both still waiting, maybe a little impatiently, for our arrivals. Nickie is awaiting the birth of her second child, and I’m awaiting the publication of my second book. (Okay, she’s not waiting anymore☺) There are lots of things we can be waiting for. A big part of the country […]

Sneak Peek!!!

It’s almost here. “Bible Characters Through the Ages Adam in the Garden Book 1” is next in line to be published. It will be available as an eBook, Audio book and Print on Demand. This is so exciting, it’s like waiting for a baby to be born. You don’t know quite when it will arrive. […]

Did you make a New Year’s Resolution?

I used to make a resolution every year. My resolutions ranged from working out more, dieting, reading more for fun, and education. Like most people I was successful for a while, but then stumbled and went back to my old ways. This year I didn’t make a resolution, but want to try to listen more […]

What is Winter Like For You?

We live in Florida now. Growing up in Michigan is quite different in the weather department. Winter in Michigan can be beautiful with the snow and ice when you are sitting safely in your home by a nice warm fire drinking a cup of hot cocoa. I loved winter as a child and I could […]