6 Things To Do To Prepare For a Writer’s Conference


The first and most important thing we can do is to pray. Does God want us to attend this conference? Do we have a project to “Pitch?” Who do we need to set up meetings with? What classes should we take?


Make sure you completely research the agents, publishers, and acquisition editors. You need to be prepared with exactly what they are looking for. On their websites you can find what their requirements are for submissions.

Also look up the descriptions of the classes that will be presented. You need to choose wisely the sessions you will take.

3.Prepare documents:

Have your One Page, Synopsis, Platform, and Pitch ready.

If you have critique groups, have your manuscript ready to go. Make sure you have enough copies for everyone. This is a great opportunity to have a larger piece of your work critiqued.


What type of clothing is suggested? Business casual or casual. Is there a dress up function?

Make sure you know what the weather predictions will be. Take along an umbrella. Also a jacket in case the classrooms are chilly.

Will there be a professional photographer? Have something ready for your photos>


Be prepared by the day before you leave for the conference. Get a good night sleep. Have quality time with your family.


For all attending the conference. Safe travels for everyone. Especially for the family members left at home.

Are you going to a conference?

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