6 Unexpected Benefits of Knitting

6 Unexpected Benefits of Knitting 


There’s an article online about the benefits of Knitting. I have always known that knitting was something that was calming for me. Also a need to do something with my hands in the evening while sitting and watching TV. There is a feeling of accomplishment and not just wasting time.

How much time do you put towards knitting? Is it just an occasional project, or something you miss if you don’t have a project? For me, I almost have a feeling of withdrawal if there isn’t something to knit.

Here are the benefits: Knitting gives a sense of pride.

1.Knitting gives a sense of pride.

a. When a project is finished you have something tangible to show-off.

b. You have a special item to give as a gift.

2, Knitting can be a form of meditation.

a. After you have mastered your craft, it can be very relaxing.

b. I pray for the person I am knitting for throughout the project.

3. Knitting can relieve depression or stress.

a. The calming effect of knitting can help settle your nerves (unless it’s a very difficult pattern 😉 )

b. By making something and praying for someone it can help pull you out of a feeling of depression.

4. Knitting helps our motor skills

a. Using our eyes and hands together can help with an illness such as Parkinson’s.

b. It also is a distraction from problems or pains.

5. Knitting stimulates our brains.

a. This can help us to stay healthier and have a better memory.

6. The movement of knitting can help you with:

a. Arthritis

b. Tendinitis

Does this give you have more reason to have knitting projects? It does for me. 😉



The article I found was on Lifehack.org an article by Kathryn Harper.