Discipline and the Love Languages

Discipline and the Love Languages Is “Discipline” a negative word? At first, we may think of “Discipline” as punishment. However, it’s really the opposite. As parents it’s our responsibility to “Discipline” our children. We are to begin our children’s lives as being responsible parents. Once they are adults we can be their friends. Even teenagers need […]

6 Unexpected Benefits of Knitting

6 Unexpected Benefits of Knitting    There’s an article online about the benefits of Knitting. I have always known that knitting was something that was calming for me. Also a need to do something with my hands in the evening while sitting and watching TV. There is a feeling of accomplishment and not just wasting […]

Love Language #5 Acts of Service

Is the Act of Service a way of parenting that you have thought of? I hadn’t thought of it quite that way. I parented out of love, care, and the desire for our children to grow up as loving productive adults. We are serving our children when we support them by taking them to sports, […]

Love Language #4 Gifts

  Gifts for some children are very important. They look forward to their parents returning from vacations and business trips. They can’t wait to see what new thing they will receive. However, parents need to be mindful of making sure the other love languages their child needs are met. If their love needs are not […]