I remember as a kid the bullies were the big boys that acted all tough and pushed around the little boys, and stole books or lunch money. Things have changed since then.

There are all types and sizes of bullies now. The big boys still think they are tougher and may push around the smaller kids, and take their money. Now, anyone can go on social media and say things about anyone that can actually ruin their reputations.

Things can be said about others cheating on tests, taking someone’s property, or that they said something bad about another person. I’ve even heard about posting a picture and adding a provocative comment about the person.

It’s just too easy to do and say something about someone to cause major damage. There have been reports of people committing suicide due to this type of bullying.

We have to start early talking with our kids. Make sure they are not having trouble in school or out with friends. If you see changes in their actions at home make sure you talk with them.

I will be writing about the different signs to watch for in our children in the weeks to come.