Bullying Injuries

The 10 Signs of Bullying

  1. Unexplained Injuries


Bullying has been around since the beginning of time. There are always those that feel they are better than others. Some may act out because of need to feel stronger or more important.

Have you noticed a difference in your child’s behavior? Our days are filled with so much that we may not realize something has changed. Let’s take a moment in the morning or evening and reflect on each of our children. It doesn’t matter what their age is. From toddler to adult someone can cause our children to feel bullied or inadequate.

  1. Unexplained Injuries


A frightening research fact in the U.S. is that every 7 minutes a child is bullied. Unfortunately, those children often hide or try to hide the fact that someone is being mean or hurting them.


There are signs to watch for in behavioral changes:

  1. Is your child pulling away from social activities? Something that they had previously loved being a part of.
  2. See if you can get them to talk about why this activity is no longer something that they want to be a part of.
  3. Do they seem depressed? Do you notice your child being quieter than normal?
  4. Engage them in talking about something that they still want to do. Then switch to what you think is the problem.
  5. Has your child tried to hurt them self? Things like banging their head on the wall, scratching themselves, or even cutting.
  6. Mention that you are concerned about the cuts or bruises. See if you can get them to say why they have been hurt.
  7. Have you heard comments or questions about suicide? Something like, I wish I were dead. No one cares about me.
  8. Kids can say things like this and be fine, but if there is a definite change in their attitude about how their life is going, it’s time to talk with them. Maybe even to seek help.

These physical signs are more obvious:

  1. Are you seeing more bruising than normal for your child?

1.If they don’t bruise easily this could be a red flag.

  1. How about cuts and scratches? Do they play in a sport that could cause these?

1.If not it’s time to ask them about how they are getting hurt.

  1. If they tend to play rough you might see some of these signs, but getting a black eye isn’t normally from just playing around.

There has been research done in America that states only 1/10th of the children being bullied admit someone is hurting them in some way. Things they may say are happening  are another student has: spit, shoved, pushed, or tripped them. Behavior like these can leave marks on your children.

Have you seen any of these signs in your child? Share with us how you discovered what was happening. What did you do to help your child?