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I teach a Children’s Writing Workshop. There four stages in which they learn to write: Modeled, Shared, Guided, and Independent. The children will practice each stage of writing. Send me a message and I will schedule a date and time to work with your students.

Surprise Pregnancy

Last week I told you of a time when my faith had really been tested. I was facing surgery and was afraid I had cancer. God blessed us and all I had was endometriosis a scaring in the uterus, causing pain and making it difficult to get pregnant.

We felt blessed to have our daughter April. She was about two when all of this was going on. Through other appointments I had and some tests that Jim went through we found out that it was a miracle that we were able to have April. So life went on and we didn’t think about having another baby.

Jim was laid off again from Great Lakes Steel near Detroit, this time he wasn’t sure he was going to be able to go back. He had a license as a mortician, but was able to get better pay at the steel mill so he went to work there. He checked the area for a position at a funeral home but, no one was hiring locally. Through some searching he found a position in Beulah, North Dakota. We sold the house in Redford, Michigan, packed everything up and moved west.

We found an efficiency apartment to rent when we first arrived. It was very tiny, for the two of us, April, now five, and our medium sized dog. All was going smoothly so we began to look for a home. There was a new development going in and we found a lot and model home that we liked. We were talking with the builder at a party on Friday night and made plans to meet with him Monday morning to get things started.

Saturday while Jim was at work he and his boss were having coffee and talking. There is a large Black Foot Indian tribe out there. The boss was complaining about the tribe. Jim said in his usual off hand manor, “Watch it I’m part Black Foot.”

The next day, he was let go. We called the builder and told him we weren’t able to bu
y the house we wanted. In the mail that day we received a letter forwarded from Michigan for an interview for a position in a funeral home back near Detroit. He went for the interview and accepted a new job. We packed up again and moved to Jackson, Michigan. We found an apartment and once all seemed good we bought a home.

My sister came out for a visit and lunch on a Friday. While we were visiting, she looked quizzically at me and asked me if I was pregnant. I told her I was late having my period again, but that wasn’t unusual with having endometriosis. I called the doctor the following Monday morning and the nurse said to come to the office that morning and she would draw blood and run the pregnancy test. So, April and I went to the opregnant-1126635_640ffice. The nurse said to come back in a couple of hours and she would be able to give me the results.

April and I went to Meijer and just walked around killing time. We happened to go by the toy area and I saw a stuffed bunny. Just for fun I bought it. Then we went back to the office for the results. The nurse saw me and came out in the lobby to give me the results. She said, “You’re pregnant.” I began to cry and she rushed April and I into an exam room. “Are you, okay?”

I replied, “I’m just so happy. We have been wanting another child for six years.”

She gave me a hug. And sent us on our way. April and I then went to the funeral home to tell Jim. When we got there he was in a back area and the receptionist said she would call and have him come up front. We saw him coming down the hall, so we walked back to meet him. I handed him the bag from Meijer with the bunny and said it died. He gave me a funny look and opened the bag. Then he smiled and gave me a big hug.

April looked confused. “Why did you say it died?”

I laughed and said, “I was just teasing Daddy.”

She still didn’t understand, and was too young to explain that the old way many years ago to find out if a woman was pregnant was to inject a female bunny with a woman’s urine. There would be a change in the bunny’s ovaries if the woman was pregnant. It was a misconception that was believed that the bunny died if the woman was pregnant.

So God, blessed us with a surprise pregnancy, and another daughter, Nickie. They are seven years apart. We are truly blessed to have two beautiful daughters.

How has God surprised you. Share it on the blog at or email me at

Bible Characters Through the Ages

Thank You God, for this blessing. It’s still hard for me to believe that He has me as a published author. This isn’t something I ever even thought of doing. I am having the time of my life doing it though. While writing, I learn more about the characters. When talking with the children and adults, I can share my faith and hope to bring them to a stronger faith.

The first two books in the series “Bible Characters Through the Ages” are now available on Amazon. “Book One Adam in the Garden” and “Book Two Meeting Eve” are ready as an eBook and a paperback.

I can’t wait to start setting up book signings and talking with the children. I pray that this series helps bring children and families closer to God. Let me know if I can visit your church or school to share these books. If I don’t live near you, we can set up a Skype visit.

Sneak Peek!!!

It’s almost here. “Bible Characters Through the Ages Adam in the Garden Book 1” is next in line to be published. It will be available as an eBook, Audio book and Print on Demand. This is so exciting, it’s like waiting for a baby to be born. You don’t know quite when it will arrive. Then it is awesome to hold that new book in your hands.

I can’t thank God enough for guiding me into being an author. It has been so amazing. Family and friends are so supportive. A plus is I am getting to know the Bible characters much better myself. He has blessed me with being able to use His book and put it in the language of the children. I pray these books reach many, many children.


Bible Characters Through the Ages Book 1
Adam in the Garden

Genesis 2:5–25

Chapter 1

“Sarah, where are you?” Daniel called as he ran into the playroom. He stepped on a Lego he missed while cleaning up last night, and jumped around in pain. Looking around he didn’t see Sarah.
“I’m in my room,” Sarah yelled back.
Daniel went down the short hall to her bedroom. Sarah stood in her play clothes at the door, she still wasn’t quite awake and rubbed her eyes. He was too excited to notice her grogginess. “Want to go on a time travel trip with me?”
“Really, Daniel?” Her eyes lit up, as she picked up her ballerina doll, named Princess. “How are we going to do that?”
“Let’s make a time travel machine!”
Running down the hall, they almost ran into their mom.
“Whoa—!” Mom put her hand on Daniel’s shoulder. “Where are you going in such a hurry?”
They started to talk at the same time.
“I can’t understand a word you are saying,” Mom said. “One at a time-what has you two so excited?”
“You know how in Sunday school we learned we can talk to God and ask Him to help us learn more about Him and the stories in the Bible?” Daniel tilted his head sideways. “We want to build a time travel machine and travel back in time to meet the people in the Bible. The first one we want to meet is Adam.”

I’ll let you know when you can order your copy. I’m working on “The Amazing Esther” now. What character would you like your children to meet next?


Last week was quite a week. On Monday I sent a query letter to DEB HAGGERTY at ELK LAKE PUBLISHING. She responded and sent me the material I needed to fill out for the proposal. Tuesday I sent all of that to her. Then Wednesday, Deb offered me a contract. She called and answered some of my questions. Then I received the contract on Friday. I sent the signed contract and other paper work to her Saturday.

So, PRAISE GOD!!!!! I now have a publisher, contract and a new agent, SHAWN KUHN of the SUZY Q AGENCY. This is all so amazing. I still can’t quite take it all in.

The contract is for the first three books in “Bible Characters Through the Ages Story #1 Adam in the Garden, Story #2 Meeting Eve, and Story #3 Watching David and Goliath” These are all working titles. The editor can make new suggestions for the titles.

Here is a little information about the series:

“Bible Characters Through the Ages”

Two time traveling children want to meet the historical figures of the Bible starting with Adam, but in the past they lose their time travel machine. Can they find their way back home before time has changed? Then, can they return to meet another historical figure of the Bible? Read “Bible Characters Through the Ages” the series to share their adventures.

I first learned about writing groups and conferences when we moved to Florida 6 years ago. I have been working and learning so much about this new career of mine. Who would have thought that God would have me writing for kids at the age of 65? Surely not me, but I am blessed to be able to do this.

He also has me doing workshops for the Florida League of Christian Schools conference. My workshop is on helping children become better writers. It’s a fun event and I meet a lot of great teachers, principals, and administrator’s.

Have you ever thought about writing? Please do it. How can I help and encourage you?

It Only Took Five Years

Have you been waiting a long time for something to happen in your life? There are many things we do and hope for a quick and easy answer. Just because we want and pray for something, doesn’t mean that God will say yes. Sometimes He says no or not just yet. His timing is always best.

When we moved to Florida five years ago God helped me connect with two writing groups and a conference. I had a manuscript I had been working on and tried desperately to get help in publishing it. No doors were opening. I had encouragement from agents, editors and publishers, saying they liked what I had but, were not able to work with me at that time.

With a recommendation to switch from a children’s picture book to a first chapter book for first through third graders a year and a half ago, I began writing a new manuscript, this is a description of the series: Two time traveling children want to meet the historical figures of the Bible starting with Adam, but in the past they lose their time travel machine. Can they find their way back home before time has changed? Then, can they return to meet another historical figure of the Bible? Read “Bible Characters Through the Ages” the series to share their adventures.

The publisher Write Integrity Press called and is working up a three book contract for:

Bible Characters Through the Ages

  1. Adam in the Garden
  2. Meeting Eve
  3. Watching David and Goliath

Numbers one and two are complete and number three is about half written. I am currently looking for an illustrator. If you would like to submit 3 drawings please contact me at

A couple of other prayer experiences I have had are: I prayed for healing from cancer for my Mom 39 years ago, God’s answer was to bring her home to Him. It wasn’t what I would have liked but, at least she was not living in hell anymore.

Another time I took one of our daughter’s to a healing service at church. She had scoliosis, a curve in the spine. When I took her home she said her back was hot. I lifted her shirt and there was a hot red spot where the spine had been curved, it was completely straight. Praise God, His answer came as a quick and complete healing.

What are your experiences in waiting for an answer from God? Let me know how I can pray for you and your family whether it is for health, finances, a job or something fun.