Countdown to Christmas 2

How did last week go? Did you and the kids make or buy an Advent calendar? Send me a picture. I’d love to see it. 

Tell me about your winter picnic.

This week let’s start looking at the clothes everyone is going to wear. Do you sew or buy new outfits? Before everything is all picked over or there isn’t enough material to purchase for the outfits this is the week to get that organized.

This was two years ago.


For this year I have material to make coordinating outfits for our four grandchildren. I have a black crushed simulated velvet, and a pink satin like  material. The oldest is a  7-year-old girl that doesn’t like frills. I’m making her a long vest. Her brother is 6 and I will make him a vest too. Next is a 5-year-old girl and her almost 2-year-old sister. They will have the black material on the top and the long skirts will be the pink.

Do you all get dressed up for Christmas and Christmas Eve, or go casual? How did you dress when you were a child? Things have changed over the years. In the 50’s people dressed up very fancy for Christmas and church. Now everyone seems much more casual. The important thing is to be together.

Do you dress up or go casual for church? When talking with your children about dressing for church tell them we are to look our best for God. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but we should put our best foot forward. What’s important to Him is that you are in the right frame of mind when you come to worship Him.

Teach the children that when they go into worship that we’re to bring our concerns to Him. To pray asking for guidance, then listen to Him in the worship. To sing, pray, and feel the love of God around them.

Have fun this week deciding what everyone is going to wear. Are you going to be matching, have a color theme?

God bless, and have fun this week. Remember to take some time for yourself.

Give me some ideas to share with others that read the blog.