Countdown To Christmas 3

Do you send Christmas cards or a Christmas letter? My husband writes our Christmas letter. People tease me about not doing the letter with me being an author, but my husband has a real sense of humor and writes a really fun letter.

You don’t have to do everything yourself. Your husband or kids, if they are old enough to help, can sign and address the cards and envelopes. The younger kids can help with stuffing the envelopes and putting on the stamps.

Will you be sending our packages this year? Mail them out this week to make sure they get there on time. It’s also something to mark off your list that’s time sensitive.

This is also a good week to think about those who serve you or may be alone over the holidays. Start some extra baking of some simple things. They can be cakes, bar cookies, breads. Make them size appropriate to where they are going. If it’s a person that’s alone make a half cake, small loaf of bread or small plate of cookies. For the police and fire station take a whole cake, platter of cookies, or a larger loaf of bread.

Encourage the kids to help with making these and decorating them. Talk with them about why you are taking them to shut ins. That some people don’t have many family or friends in the area and they really appreciate others thinking of them. Also talk about how the police and firemen are always available to protect us. It makes them feel good when people tank them for their service and take them some treats as a thank you gift.

Make sure you have the kids go with you when you deliver the goodies. Spend time with the people when you drop off the things you have baked. Take a picture and post it showing how your children are reaching out in thanks for those who serve us. You’re reaching out in love to others and serving God too.

Who will you be reaching out to?