Countdown to Christmas Week Two

How did last week go? Did you and the kids make or buy an Advent calendar? Send me a picture. I’d love to see it. Tell me about your winter picnic.

This week let’s start looking at the clothes everyone is going to wear. Do you sew or buy new outfits? Before everything is all picked over or there isn’t enough material to purchase for the outfits this is the week to get that organized.

Do you all get dressed up for Christmas and Christmas Eve, or go casual? How did you dress when you were a child? My mom made matching dresses for my sister and I for Christmas. One year we each had a beautiful purple velvet dress, with an appropriate age pattern. Things have changed over the years. In the 50’s people dressed up very fancy for Christmas and church. Now everyone seems much more casual, of course, the important thing is to be together. It doesn’t have to be fancy, but we should put our best foot forward. The shepherds came as they were from the field. The reverence that they showed baby Jesus, was what was key.

What’s important to God is that we are in the right frame of mind when coming to worship Him. We’re celebrating the birthday of Christ on this special day, keep that the focus.

Teach your children when they go in to worship, they’ll talk to God about their joys and concerns. Tell them to pray, then listen to Him in the worship, with songs, prayers and to feel the love of God around them. 

Have fun this week deciding what everyone is going to wear. Are you going to be matching, or have a color theme?

I’d love to hear some of your ideas for this fun time of year.

God bless, and have fun this week. Remember to take some time for yourself.