Let Freedom Ring! Happy Birthday America!

Let Freedom Ring!

Happy Birthday America!


“Let’s decorate the cupcakes,” Jocelyn said. “We can eat them after we sing happy birthday to America and then watch the fireworks.”

“Why are we going to sing happy birthday to America?” Kenzie asked.

“Because today celebrates the day the first thirteen states became the United States of America,” Jocelyn replied.

“Yeah,” Teague stood tall and added, “there was a war and lots of people were killed so that we could be our own country. They wanted to have their own laws and rule themselves. This gave them the freedom they wanted. The men signed a paper called the Declaration of Independence.”

Jocelyn added, “Betsy Ross, made the first American flag. It was red, and white stripes with blue in the corner and thirteen stars. One for each state.”

“That’s real cool. Can we decorate the cupcakes now?” Aubree asked.

“Okay,” Jocelyn said, “Mom put everything on the table for us. Let’s see how cool we can make the cupcakes look.”

The four of them started by sharing the white frosting and spreading on each of the cupcakes. Once that was done, they began decorating with sprinkles of red, white and blue. There were also silver stars and red, white, and blue striped candles. After they finished with their decorating the kids put the cupcakes on a tray for later.

“Hey, I have an idea. Let’s put chairs out in the driveway to watch fireworks.” Teague said.

“Yeah, I love watching the fireworks,” Jocelyn said “Come on Kenzie and Aubree, where do you want your chairs to be?”

The kids put the chairs into two rows.

“Let’s play soccer on the front lawn until it’s time for the fireworks to start,” Teague yelled.

The sky was starting to turn pink as the sun was going down.

Once it started getting darker, Jocelyn being the oldest, told everyone where to sit. Then she went and got the tray of cupcakes.

When she came back with the tray they all sang happy birthday to America. Just as they finished singing they heard a big bang, and the first firework lit up the sky.

“I’m scared,” Kenzie cried.

“Why?” Aubree asked.

“Because the noise is so loud,” Kenzie said.

“It won’t hurt you. They’re far away from here. I think they are awesome,” Teague replied.

“They are pretty. They have so many colors. Look a pink one, my favorite color,” Kenzie looked a little relieved.

“This is the best way to ce

lebrate America’s birthday,” Jocelyn said.

They all watched as the bright colors burst across the sky.



How do you celebrate July 4th?