Love Language #3 Quality Time

Our children need our quality time. It helps build their self-esteem. It’s sometimes hard to give them time when      we  are trying to take care of things around the house after a busy day at work. We just need to prioritize our tasks.

Take a few minutes before you need to do something and spend it with your child. They will love the time with you. Then you can ask them to help you with something and they will feel even more important. They get time with you and you get help. It’s a win-win for both of you.

Not all children need quality time, but they still need your time. Some children even misbehave just to get your attention. Then as they get older it gets harder to find that time. With your busy schedule and theirs it can be hard to find some time together.

Think back to when you were a child, what are the times you remember the best about being with your parents? Did you go somewhere special? Or were the quiet times alone with a parent more memorable?

I remember as a teenager, after dinner my Dad would play the organ and we’d sing songs together. I still think of those time with fondness.

Remember to make positive eye contact with your child too. Too often we only look them in the eyes when we are upset with them. The look and the smile in the eyes can say I love you too.