National as Young as You Feel Day

young-510442_640 (2)How young do you f Someday’s I feel older than I am, some my age, and thank goodness most of the time I still feel young. The Pew Research Center asked young and middle a
ge people what they t
hought old was. The young said that they thought 60 was old and the middle aged thought 70 was old. Then those that are older thought that 74 was old.

Having our grandchildren, a little later in life helps keep me moving. My husband, Jim, says that I am the kids play toy. They take me all over the house and playing all kinds of things. Sometimes they are the parents and call me the baby. There are times when we pretend to be on trains or planes, going to visit family up in Michigan. It’s all fun, but can be exhausting too.

Once they go home, I collapse in the chair, and don’t move until bedtime. The memories we’ve made together will last a lifetime. Such as baking chocolate chip cookies, Mexican rice, macaroni and cheese, or spaghetti. I love teaching them how to cook. They just think it’s fun, but they are learning things that will help them as they grow.

We still have the games our kids played when they were little, Candy Land, Twister, and many more. It’s fun to play them again. It’s a little hard to teach them that they can’t win all of the time.

I usually go for walks, or go swimming. This helps me to keep moving and in better shape. I walk three miles three days a week. Then two days a week I use our workout equipment. This helps to keep my joints moving better.

When we exercise and eat right we have a better quality of life, then we can feel younger than we are. I’m part of the Baby Boomer generation. Most of us really don’t want to grow up. As I tell my husband, he’s just a big kid, but acts like an adult when he has to. I believe if we live healthier we can stay younger longer.

Keeping our minds active, by learning new things, can keep us mentally younger. Starting a writing career at 56 has helped me. The last few years with learning all of the new social media material has really pushed me. I still have a lot to learn, but it’s fun at 65 to try new and exciting things.

Write me back on my website under the blog and tell me what you are doing to stay young.