Quality Time


We can turn any time with our children into quality time. Take advantage of a long ride. Ask a few questions or share something from your past. Your children will love to hear stories about how you met your husband.

Share a favorite memory of yours, or how you handled a similar situation that they are going through.

Plan quality time with each of your children. It could be a day alone with them. Go shopping, or to a movie, then their favorite restaurant for a meal. Another example could be reading together. If they can read have them read their favorite book or a few chapters to you.

If you have more than one child each parent should spend quality alone time with each of the kids. This will give them a strong feeling of love from each parent.


Don’t forget to have quality time with your husband too.

We planned one night a month for date night when the girls were young. There were many times that we couldn’t afford to go out for the evening. I would feed the girls and get them settled for the night. Then have a nice quiet dinner for two. I would get out the china and crystal and light some candles. Even if it was an inexpensive dinner it felt special.

One time the girls wanted to make our dinner and serve it. They made a menu to show us what our dinner would be. I can’t remember the main course, but the appetizer was sliced apples with straight cinnamon sprinkled on top. With a lot of water, we chocked down the cinnamon and apples. A few days later I explained that you needed to add sugar to the cinnamon before putting it on the apples.

Memories like these are priceless quality time for us and our girls.

What are some of your favorite times alone with your children?

8 replies
  1. Jann
    Jann says:

    Thank you so much for your reply. I love cooking with our grandchildren too. What kind of things do they like to make?

  2. Katherine Pasour
    Katherine Pasour says:

    It’s important for us to spend as much time as possible with our children and grandchildren. They’re only little for a short time and we need to treasure those moments. I remember those first cooking lessons. Fun times!

  3. Jann
    Jann says:

    Thank you Katherine. I know they grow up way to fast. I remember when our girls were just little and learning how to cook.

  4. Becky
    Becky says:

    Some of my favorite times with my children are the moments we have together while tucking them into bed. Reading a Bible story, praying, and just talking about whatever their little minds are thinking about is precious to me.

  5. Connie Rosser Riddle
    Connie Rosser Riddle says:

    Hey Jann,
    This is a nice reminder of how important it is to spend individual time with family members. We all need to feel like we’re the focus–especially when we’re children and would like to not share that time with a sibling. Love the image of the candlelight dinner, too.
    Best to You,

  6. Jann
    Jann says:

    Thank you Connie. We all want to feel like we are loved and matter to those in our lives. Blessings on your adventure. It was great to meet you today.

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