Discipline and the Love Languages

Discipline and the Love Languages

Is “Discipline” a negative word?

At first, we may think of “Discipline” as punishment. However, it’s really the opposite. As parents it’s our responsibility to “Discipline” our children. We are to begin our children’s lives as being responsible parents. Once they are adults we can be their friends. Even teenagers need us to love them enough to “Discipline” them when actions can end up with bad consequences.


For all of our children this means we are to speak and, act with appropriate behavior. They learn from what we say and do. We are to guide them as to how they are to act and respond to what is going on around them.

Punishment can be discipline, but most of our guidance for children is good for them. Stopping a child from touching a hot burner or crossing a street without looking is positive discipline. So is guiding older child in the way they should chose the activities they want to become involved.

With this guidance you need to be open and explain why you are telling them they are not allowed to participate in an activity. Such as a party with no parental presence. I have heard stories of parties without adults ending with many uninvited kids coming bringing drugs and alcohol. Resulting in damage to homes, vehicles, and some of the kids taken to the hospital.


When your child feels loved they may not like it when they are disciplined, but they will accept it. As they are older they realize you are not trying to stop them from everything they want to do. That you are looking out for their best interest.

If you work outside the home you may not have very much quality time to spend with your children. This is understandable. When you are home find ways to include your child in your activities and chores around the house. You will be teaching them how to do the chores and to become more responsible members of the family. You will have more time with the kids and your tasks will get done faster.

If they don’t like the chore explain your reasons for giving them the task.

  1. Cleaning – helps everyone to stay healthier.
  2. Laundry – we all need to have clean clothes and they need to learn how to do it.
  3. Weeding a vegetable garden – let’s the vegetables grown healthier and provide better and more food.
  4. Cooking – if they want to eat well they need to learn how to navigate the kitchen.

Our girls didn’t like having to clean their bedrooms. It was sometimes like pulling teeth to get the cleaning done before they did what they wanted. It was worth the struggle in the end. Both girls have beautiful well-kept homes.

As adults they have both thanked us for caring enough to teach them to be responsible adults. Some of their friends even 

told us they wished their parents cared enough to say no and to have them do more around their home.


I’m taking and educational sabbatical. I’ll be back in a month. May God bless and keep you in the palm of His hand.