Touch Through The Growing Years


The 5 languages of Love



Touch in each stage of life is different.

For infants and toddlers, it’s easy to give a lot of touch and loving cuddles. Both boys and girls need all of the love and comforting touches they can get.

Things have changed a lot from when my parents raised me. At that time almost, every mom stayed home and took care of the kids.

When it was my turn to be the mom, I stayed home until the youngest was in first grade. Then I wanted something else to do and went to work at a Hallmark store during school hours.

Now it’s our daughters turns to be moms and they both work full time. This seems to be the norm for most families these days.

In looking for a good place to care for their children they interviewed several places before making a choice. The final decision was made with the daycare that cared and reacted with the children in the rooms the most. The caregivers that showed the most loving care from diaper changes, to feeding and even cuddles while putting them down for naps was critical in making their choice.

When giving babies and toddler’s love and good touch they will become adults with a healthier sexual outlook and better self-esteem.

When the children become school-age it’s important to send them off to school with hugs. This can give them a positive start to their day. There is so much new for them at school that they need that little extra reassurance before they head out for the day. The hug at the end of the day can be just as important, especially if they have

had a challenging day.

Boys can sometimes resist being hugged. There are ways to still give them reassuring touches. A pat on the back is an easy way to touch without a hug.

Our seven-year-old grandson frequently acts like he doesn’t want hugs. Sometimes I’ll shake his hand or rough up his hair. Other times I’ll act like I’m coming after him to hug and kiss him. He’ll take off and I’ll chase. Inevitably he’ll back himself into a corner (on purpose) and I do get the occasional hug and kiss.

All children of this age still want the hugs when they are sick, hurt or upset. They can also need more comfort when something has happened

that disrupts things at home.

Next, we come to the pre-teen and teen kids. This can be challenging. They want to break away, yet they still want their full support system to be there for them. Girls especially need reassurance and hugs from their dads to give them a healthy look at men as they grow older.

Boys and girls both need this reassurance to be more sure of themselves. Also, to handle peer pressure better as they go through the teen years.

Unfortunately, there is also touch that shouldn’t be going on. We hear stories on the news frequently about teachers being arrested because of inappropriate behavior. Also, the negative activity on the internet. This is so sad and it’s the children that are the ones who are really suffering.

What ways can you share with us that helped you in the transition from age group to age group?